Gangajal holds a very esteemed value in Indian culture. For a Hindu, it has and always will be an important part of every religious ceremony performed right from birth to death. No ritual or pooja is perfect and not even complete without these holy drops. As per Maharishi Vedvyas, Ganges water has the power of warding off all the evils of Kalyuga. Therefore, it should be used in all the religious ceremonies and rituals. When stored in copper utensil or Kalash, it generates holy vibrations all around, that drive away all the evils and bad omens. It helps in achieving not only the material prosperity but also the spiritual growth.

Uttarkashi Mineral Corporation at Aungi, Gangotri Valley, Uttarkashi, is the company duly licensed, approved and authorized by various departments of Uttaranchal Government, to pack the holy Gangajal in its purest form. The holy water as ‘Gangajal’ is made available by us, to Hindus all over the world, giving them their share of deep traditional values that they carry to far off places around the globe.

    Years of Brewing Gangajal   

We are the Maa Ganga Industries, is the main organization appropriately authorized, affirmed and approved by Government of Uttarakhand, to pack the sacred Gangajal in its purest and existing form. Drawing of Gangajal from the river Ganga till packing, Gangajal is kept untouched from human hands. Gangajal is not treated artificially/chemically in the whole pressing procedure, so that its sacredness is not spoilt.


Our aim is to hold our human advancement and society alive, that is the reason we are devoted to give Gangajal –The holy water with you and everywhere throughout the world.


Gangajal is the integral part of Hindus’ lives. From Birth to Death,no ritual completed without Gangajal. All Hindu Vedas & Shastras consider Gayain ( The Cow), Ganga (The River) & Geeta (The Holy Book) as pious as God.

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